Documentary Photography

and Social Justice 

Human migration along the Balkan route, from Rorandelli's project Trans Europe Migration 2015

"Rorandelli's images skillfully depict the narratives

of people who have faced immense struggles,

yet never cease to take action and strive for a better future"

-Emma Comrie

Italian Documentary Photographer Rocco Rorandelli will be joining us next week to talk about his work and his unique approach to photography. Learn more about Rorandelli in this profile, created by NYU Florence students Helen Bermudes, Emma Comrie, and Gabby Lozano.


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Jeffrey and Dylan at Villa Coletta

Today, I had the great privilege of having lunch with social media activist Jeffrey Marsh along with other NYU Florence students. During...

What does it mean to be “gender-fluid?”

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, gender-fluid means “not clearly or wholly male or female; androgynous; designating a per...

There are two types of bigotry in the world: one born from hatred and one born from ignorance. The second is more forgivable; people aren’t born knowing everything, and as...

November 7, 2017

Nikola Nenkov, Ward Hejazi, Eilish Anderson, Feiran Lyu, Ruoying Tao, and Qixiu Fu outside Palazzo Vecchio

Today, in the historic Salone dei Cinquecento of Florence's City...

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