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LPD Emphasizes the Feminist Voice

October 9, 2018


In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, many women across the world are left inconsolable, wondering when their voices will finally make a difference. This week, LPD will host the fresh, female voices of Sharon Harley, Donata Pizzi, along with Paulette Caldwill, Kalia Brooks and several others at the Feminism and Intersectionality conference. In these dialogues, each speaker will discuss their professions, sharing their stories and letting their voices be heard.


To start off this week’s feminist focus is Sharon Harley, the associate professor and former Chair of the African American Studies Department at the University of Maryland. Harley will concentrate on prominent civil rights leader Audley E. Moore. While talking about Moore’s work, Harley hopes to convey how gender and class affect black women’s physical, political, and ideological travels, not only in the United States, but abroad as well. Harley shows how Moore was able to spark change and let her voice be heard in a time when people weren’t listening to the voice of a black woman. Harley will also reflect how Moore’s life has influenced her own and her approach to activism.


On Wednesday, Donata Pizzi will not use words to show her perspective, but rather pictures. Pizzi is an acclaimed photographer whose most recent project incorporates the work of Italian photographers and artists from the last 53 years. Pizzi takes a different approach to feminist change by sharing art straight from the female perspective. The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” will be a central theme during this discussion, especially as Pizzi shows how the art can provide other genders with a more accurate depiction of a woman’s perspective.


Lastly, on Thursday, LPD concludes the week with an all day conference on Feminism and Intersectionality. Several different women will speak on topics such as the many forms of discrimination

in modern culture, representations of identity in art history, and art market practice.


Each of these dialogues will provide students with different methods of being an active citizen in modern day society. Even when it seems like governments worldwide are ignoring the opinions and well being of women, the powerful speakers will show how women’s stories can make a difference. Whether we become teachers, passing on our knowledge of human rights to the next generation, or pick up a camera and use the lens to show the lack of attention put on women’s issues, our voices will be heard. This weeks speakers are inspiring women who are each strong leaders in their field, taking a feminist stance while being dedicated to their careers.




About the Author


Samantha is currently the writing intern for La Pietra Dialogues. The New Jersey native is majoring in the Liberal Studies Core Program, but hopes to also further pursue studies in Political Science and Media Studies. Samantha enjoys exploring the streets of Florence and is looking forward to traveling through Europe. In her free time, Samantha enjoys listening to music, free writing, and studying with her friends. In the future, Samantha plans to work in New York City as journalist, write a novel, and run for Congress all before becoming an English professor.



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