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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: 3rd Annual Global Student Dialogue - 1968-2018: The Past, Present and Future of Social Movements

April 13, 2018

The 3rd Annual Global Student Dialogue

1968-2018: The Past, Present and Future of Social Movements




The 50th anniversary of the epic year of 1968 seems to have coincided with the potential birth of another student led social movement originating in the .  The Vietnam War and civil rights movements of the 1960s awoke and reinvigorated social activism and institutions that channeled new voices in the public arena. Many suggest we are on the verge of a similar such period.  The conference will be publicly livestreamed and archived.   


1) Recovering the Spirit of '68:  Investigating and providing a historical account of a particular movement concurrent with 1968, or several movements in comparison.  Students may investigate social movements alive during the year of 1968, either recently begun at that time or how this moment transformed their activities.  Topics could include civil rights, feminism , anti -war,  'gay liberation', animal liberation, environmental action- especially with a global focus.

2) Social actors and movements today: Students may use their own locations and local research they are doing to provide a paper on current movements existing around the world). Examples includes movement from across the political spectrum from Occupy to #metoo to the Tea Party to Italy's Five Star Party and France's  National Front. 

3) Moving towards the future: Students are invited to  articulate what are the pressing needs going towards the future and provide up to date evidence and facts on different sites of struggle for emancipation, justice, and equality.

Please submit an abstract of a 15-20 minute presentation to be given in conjunction with other panelists on May 3rd, details to follow. The abstract should be 250 words and include a title and description of your proposed presentation. They should be submitted in word document format .


ABSTRACTS ARE DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018 at 5pm to Dr Brendan Hogan​ at bh72@nyu.edu

​and Ellyn Toscano ​at ellyn.toscano@nyu.edu. 


​Decisions with respect to acceptance will be sent out Monday April 23rd  allowing ample preparation time. Sponsored by NYU Liberal Studies, NYU London and NYU Florence.

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