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The Animal Farm Experiment: A Workshop on Collaboration and Innovation in an Italian Context

November 16, 2018

Interested in entrepreneurship,

leadership or business ?


Join us for the Interactive Workshop: Animal Farm !


Monday November 19 at 6:00 pm at Villa Sassetti



This La Pietra Dialogue aims to introduce students to a new collaborative work model as designed by Impact Hub, an international network of collaborative working spaces founded in Europe which promotes the development of entrepreneurship and innovation within a collaborative work environment .


Facilitated by Riccardo Luciani of Impact Hub Florence, the workshop will discuss the importance of collaboration in the contemporary work environment, cooperating with team members despite differing opinions and viewpoints, and learning to compromise to satisfy a greater objective.


The workshop begins with the interactive professional development activity “animal farm.” The activity divides attendees into groups of “animals,” and puts each group in charge of designing their own ideal farm -- the farm that best fits the personal interests and needs of the “animal” they are categorized as. With material resources, the attendees will put together an actual model of their farm. After each group has had time to make their design, they must all then come together to discuss how to create one suitable model which reconciles the various needs of each group. This activity is followed up by a debrief session, in which attendees will discuss their rationale for their decision-making during the exercise, and what their key takeaways are.


Riccardo will end the seminar by giving a presentation on the importance of collaboration when striving to achieve major goals. He will touch on how a community-driven model of Italian business makes the working culture of some Italian companies unique and will likewise provide a brief overview of Impact Hub and what they have to offer worldwide for aspiring entrepreneurs. This workshop will give students a better understanding of Italian business culture, and will not just prompt students to improve their approach to collaboration when in challenging work scenarios, but should encourage students to take advantage of Impact Hub’s resources as well, both in Florence and internationally.


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