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Ryan Campbell and Impact Hub Bring us The Animal Farm Experiment Interactive Workshop Next Week: Don

Some of you may know Ryan Campbell as the on campus Wasserman representative, but this week he takes on a new role as an LPD organizer. On Monday, November 19 at 6pm, Campbell’s months of hard work will pay off as his LPD project is finally put into action. This is the first student-led and organized dialogue of the semester.

However, this LPD is more than just a dialogue. Campbell has been working with Riccardo Luciani, the managing director of Impact Hub Florence, to bring an interactive workshop to campus. Impact Hub is an international network of working spaces which promotes the development of entrepreneurship and innovation by using a collaborative environment.

Monday night’s program will be focused around increasing leadership and camaraderie amongst students. The workshop will be centered around the concept of an animal farm, in which students will work together in small groups to create their ideal life on the farm by maximizing limited resources. This exercise will open up issues like government, class divisions, and many more, pushing students to reflect on society. Students will learn the importance of prioritizing and compromising as they race to create their ideal world.

The exercise will conclude with a presentation on the importance of collaboration in the contemporary workforce. Focusing on mainly Italian culture, he will stress this importance with examples from different Italian companies and business models. Students will not only have the opportunity to reflect on their work and society, but also relate their experience to the culture they are living in. The workshop will teach students entrepreneurial skills that are crucial for today’s competitive job market.

This LPD provides similar structure as to what it’s like being an active member of a team in the workforce. This interactive workshop is one you don’t want to miss, as it will not only benefit your everyday lives, but also prepare you for your future career as well.

Join Ryan and Riccardo on Monday November 19 at 6:00pm at Villa Sassetti!

RSVP lapietra.dialogues@nyu.edu