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An Interactive History of Student Activism From the 1960s to Today

Image: Tristan Loper/Wikimedia Commons

50 years ago, the world was moved by the impact of student-led protests that rocked the social and political landscape, and are now known collectively as the “1968 movement.” Today, as students march for gun control and Black Lives Matter, some might argue that the legacy of youth activism is more alive than ever.

As La Pietra Dialogues’ 1968/2018: Year of Revolt series pays homage to the spirit of activists worldwide, take a look at an interactive map that charts some of the most important student protest movements since from the 1960’s up to now. The fire of young people who want to change the world continues to burn bright - where will it be ignited next?

To learn more, NYU Florence will be hosting activists and scholars Angela Davis and Gina Dent next week, who will give a talk at Spazzio Alfieri (Via dell'Ulivo, 6) on April 23rd at 6pm.

Intro by Tia Glista / Map and study by Emily Scheele

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