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1968-2018: The Past, Present and Future of Social Movements

The 50th anniversary of the epic year 1968 seems to have coincided with the potential birth of another student led social movements originating in the wake of continued gun violence. In the 1960s, the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movements challenged injustice and institutions in the public arena. The Prague Spring, Paris protests of May 1968, and the responses to the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the U.S. are only the beginning in a catalog of events that mark this remarkable movement for activism. Many suggest we are now on the verge of a similar such period.

The student contributors at this Dialogue will address contemporary social movements as they have developed since 1968 and introduce considerations for activism going forward.

2:00-3:00 pm - The Past and Present

Recovering the Spirit of '68

Emily Sheele, NYU Florence

The Religious Right: A Different Definition of Progress

Raj Kittusamy, NYU London

The Right to Die: How We Stand Up for the Students of 1968

Rachel Levy, NYU London

3:15-4:00 pm - The Future

The Shelter Doesn't Take Black Dogs: The Struggle for Mental Health Advocacy in the 21st Century

Robert Boley, NYU London

Alternative for Europe: Countering Right-Wing Movements

Ryan McAteer, NYU London

4:00-4:30 pm - Concluding Roundtable: Prospects for Today

Dialogue Moderator:

Brendan Hogan, Global Liberal Studies, New York University

This event has been made possible with the generous support of La Pietra Dialogues at NYU Florence, Ellyn Toscano, Executive Director, NYU Florence, Catherine Robson, Director NYU London, and Julie Mostov, Dean, Liberal Studies, NYU.

Special thanks go to Courtney Hopf, NYU London, Scott Palmer, NYU Florence, Fenton Green, NYU London. The event was coordinated by Megan Metters, Coordinator, La Pietra Dialogues, NYU Florence, and Brendan Hogan, Global Liberal Studies, NYU.

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